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Power Up

is a carefully balanced and complete additive package. The Power Up lineup has been engineered to reduce energy consumption and provide uninterrupted equipment operation through better lubrication. The Power Up product line consists of: NNL-690, which is a boundary lubricant for engines, NNL-690G, a boundary lubricant for gear oil, Hydra Maxx, a hydraulic system treatment, Gen 49D, a diesel fuel top end lubricant that is a combustion enhancer and injector cleaner that increases mileage, LHP-454, an unleaded fuel additive that can add as much as 15% in fuel economy, Thixogrease, a high pressure, high temperature grease, RCL1000, Penetrating Fluid 2000 and TL3000 which are all spray lubricant products.


    • Power Up provides extreme pressure lubrication capabilities.

    • Engineered to improve fluid performance by increasing stability, and preventing and reducing acid and sludge.

    • Strong detergents eliminate lacquers, maintain injectors and other components.

    • Improved fuel efficency and economy.

    • Reduced emissions.

    • Extended Lubrication intervals. Reduce wear metal counts and extend lubrication intervals.

    • Higher film strength. Provides lubrication that protects moving parts (up to 200,000 PSI ) during metal to metal contact resulting in reduced friction, wear, thus lowering lubrication temperatures and extending equipment life.

    • Added protection at extreme temperatures. Use of our technology can withstand temperatures upward to 800 degrees Fahrenheit while untreated lubricants break down at considerably lower temperatures.

    • Combats water and antifreeze contamination. PowerUp guards metal surfaces against water, antifreeze, and diesel fuel and gasoline dilution.

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